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Egypt Institute For Arabic Language Sciences and The Noble Qur’an (EIALS) invites you to study Online Modern standard Arabic “Fusha , Online Classical Arabic, Online Colloquial Arabic “ Ameyah“,Qur’an Classes Online, for all, kids, female, adults and men If you want to study Arabic Online, learn to speak, listen, read,write, and understand Arabic language with fluency, then learn Arabic in Egypt Institute. All our Online teachers are native speakers of Arabic Language,best Egyptian tutors from Egypt and graduated from Azhar universities in Egypt and have more experince for Online Teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speaker Arabic languages, is the greatest advantageous to mankind, Enough that Qur'an was in Arabic and Allah promised to save the Holy Qur'an in the verse

" إِنَّا نَحْنُ نَزَّلْنَا الذِّكْرَ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ "

Egypt Institute is trying to provide easy way to learn Arabic, understand Arabic and speak Arabic language.

Modern standard Arabic ( Fus’ha )


These books aimed at teaching students to non-Arabic speakers to make a best level to students in a conversation in Arabic and listening, reading and writing and to identify the Arab culture and the Islamic and Egyptian

B- Al- Kitab Al-Asaasii

Primer: which contains the letters and how student Knows them and also similarities between the sounds of letters and forms, and then the different words with pictures to explain this level .

Basic book: which includes three levels

1. Al- Kitab Al-Asaasii -1

2. Al- Kitab Al-Asaasii -2

3. Al- Kitab Al-Asaasii –3

three levels of good qualify the student to speak in the Arabic language skill and this books contains many of the lessons of our daily lives, which can deal with the student in his day as he studied the airport and hotel and restaurant, market and other lessons.

1. The levels from 4 - 12 each level include grammar book and Islamic book First Book: Arabic book contains daily conversation such as travel, restaurant, airport, school, etc. Second Book : Islamic book contains an explanation of Islam such as Fiqh, Hadeeth, Tafseer etc.

Colloquial Arabic Program : Colloquial Arabic is a talking Egyptian accent

We have easy ways to teaching Colloquial Arabic

Studying at Egypt Institute are contain into 4 categories:

1. Main Classical Arabic “Fusha” Programs

2. Local Egyptian Dialect “ Ammeeyah” Program, Colloquial Arabic

3. Advanced Programs ,Advanced Grammar Rhetoric ,Conversation , Open Reading , Dictation

4. Teachers' Training Program.



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