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First, the student should do a free trial lesson to determine the level from which to start, so the student gets to know the teacher and can ask any question about the lessons of the Qur’an.

Online Quran programs for beginners

For students who do not know the Arabic letters

The student learns the basics of the Arabic language from the book Al-Qaida Al-Nouraniah or Al-Qaida Al-Baghdadi so that he can read the Qur’an correctly

Second: Quran recitation, memorizing and revising Quran from short Surahs of Qur’an

Online Quran lessons for memorization and revision

The student learns the rules of the Qur'an, Tajweed

And the sheikh, the teacher corrects the mistakes of recitation and the tongue until it becomes like the Arabic tongue

Quran memorization

Quran revision

Tajweed Course

Ijazah Al Qur’an with the Sanad

Ijazah Al Qur’an includes the following

Online Tajweed Course

Online Quran memorization

Online Quran recitation

Online Quran revision

Online Quran Classes

Egypt Institute teaches online the Qur’an, Islamic studies and the Arabic language from Egypt to all students from all countries

You can learn with us from anywhere and at any time, our schedules are flexible and teachers work at any time you want

We have male teachers for men and female teachers for women

We give the student a free certificate at the end of the level

Online Expert Egyptian Tutors

All teachers are from Egypt and from Al-Azhar University, and they have Ijazah Al Quran with Sanad, and they have an experience more than 7 years.

They speak Arabic as their first language and English as their second language



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